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I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

I live life to the fullest, doing the best I can with the talent God has given me.

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Four Months

I’ve been hiatus for that long in this tumblr. Wow. I have a valid reason! 

It’s been a challenging four months and it has been a humbling experience as well. Friendships were tested, I got stabbed in the back and in retaliation, I shut them out. Then, law school, the drama, stress and finally, the new law school.

I admit, I was hurt with how things went down and yes, I admit, I was bitter for a moment but then I decided that I would not let the disappointment get to me so I bounced back. I’m in a new school and so far, I’m doing well. Glory to God! He has been guiding my through this new environment and reminding me that this second chances should not be taken lightly!

I decided to go back to blogging since it’s where I can truly express myself. I don’t have to hide anything. 

Anyway, I’ll talk more about law school and probably set up some links to digests and other tips to help others. You know me and my lists and organization skills. OCD rocks! :D

“Skincare routine? And, any tips for acne?”

Oh wow., I was a bit shocked to find out asking me about my skincare routine. At this moment, it’s just the basic facial scrub from St. Ives and a toner from Olay. That is all. And I don’t wear make-up so my routine is just simple. For my body, I use a kojic soap and a lotion with aloe vera. :]

As for acne, avoid foods that cause acne. Also, stress and lack of sleep have been known to cause acne so don’t stress and sleep at least 8 hours a day. Clean your face every night when you wear make-up because (I know this happens and it’s one of the reasons why I’m not a fan of make-up, we tend to forget to clean our face or rather disregard it because it’s too time consuming and after a long day you just want to jump in your bed and sleep) it is ESSENTIAL to sleep with a clean face.

That’s what I have for now, hope it helps! Thanks for stopping by my tumblr! :]

08.09.140 NOTES Reblog
“Hey I made a movie blog! I was wondering if you could check it out I will be posting links so you can watch movies! You can also leave me requests and I can find the movies you are looking for! Check out my blog pretty please? :D”

I did! Cool blog! :]

08.09.140 NOTES Reblog
Ten Months

In just ten months, we’ve developed a friendship that was long lasting.

I think the first line already hints that this will be a post that is a little bit on the emotional side. Teehee! Yes na oi!

It has been said that we’re a clingy bunch and I find it often annoying that people see this as something irrational, that a group of people can be so bonded in just a short amount of time. No, it isn’t. If you were in the room with them, you’d know why. We’re individuals who just happen to work well together. We clicked. We’re blessed. Granted we sometimes bang heads but in law school, that’s normal. Haha! Move on na lang oi! Let it go! Let it gooooo! Haha! It’s never boring when you’re with them, there are surprises and there are bullying moments. Pero sabi nga nila, bullying is a form of affection. Haha!

I’m honoured to have served you, my dear classmates. I know I have my shortcomings and I know that there are times medjo dragon mode nako and I become irritable and maldita, sorry po! I apologize for all of that. I hope the efforts exerted by the Viada officers made your law school life a bit easier. Hehe!

Next, the dreaded question.

“Ma retain kaya ko?” Ah, this keeps taunting us. Let me just address the harsh truth because in doing so, we find out that we’re not alone in this endeavour. There’s a certain feeling of comfort in knowing you’re not alone in the struggle, right?

We want to know if all the efforts we exerted will be enough for us to make it. All I can say is I HOPE WE ALL MAKE IT. Salig lang jud ta guys. I hope Viada will still be intact and if not, I hope we keep the friendships we have made. Always find the silver lining, guys. It isn’t the end, there is still more to come.

Anyway, I have rambled on so I’ll just finish this before I go astray.

In the midst of recitations, exams, study outs, class discussions, karaoke sessions and other kabuangs, I learned that sometimes, it’s the people you’re with that lets the challenges be less of a struggle and the failures more bearable. They’re the silver lining that make things all better and for that, I’m thankful.

I won’t say goodbye because there is a notion that we won’t see each other again and I abhor that notion. I’ll just say, “till next time” because I’m sure as hell, it may not be anytime soon, but we’ll surely see each other again.

Till next time, Viada!

Your President, signing off.

“Hi there! Uhh you go to addu law, right? What was the entrance exam like, if you can still remember? I hope you don't mind answering. God bless!”

Hi! It was like the UPCAT exam. Just a little bit of Law in it. Then there is also the essay. They give you some topics and you have to write something about it. :]

04.09.140 NOTES Reblog
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