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I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do.

I live life to the fullest, doing the best I can with the talent God has given me.

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Manila, September 2014: Day 1

I arrived in Manila during lunch time and waited in line for a taxi. I hate waiting in lines but I really have no choice. I don’t like the taxi drivers in Manila. They scare me. Anyway, after getting in a taxi, I rushed to MoA to meet up with my college classmate, Jhoanne! She got me tickets for the 35th Manila International Book Fair! 


35th Manila International Book Fair - Hoarded books, got mesmerized by amazing things and books, saw Alex Gonzaga, Ramon Bautista and Miriam Quiambao.

This was the first time I attended the MIBF. Jhoanne and I went on the 20th, the day before the last day, lol. I went straight to Fully Booked’s stall because I admit, that store has a hold on me.

The place was crowded like seriously crowded. It was hard to move around but I’ll do anything for books. After I bought the books that I could not live without, I accompanied Jhoanne because she needed to buy review books for her little sisters (kudos to being an awesome Ate!) and that’s where the craziness about Alex Gonzaga and Ramon Bautista happened. Their fans were screaming and phones were out to take photos. Jhoanne and I just stayed far from tha madness and tippy toed to see them. We’re not a big fan of them, Alex is awesome and her humor is great but with the people going cray cray, it was best to just go. Plus Jhoanne is a little claustrophobic, I guess. Teehee!


After MIBF, we went to Starbucks and then we climbed a building…we used escalators.

I missed this girl a lot and she was nice enough to hang out with me while my “foster family”, lol, was still busy! We talked a lot at Starbucks. We talked about our lives since graduating college, love life, the lives of our classmates. Haha! It was all good talk. Also, I met her bf, awesome dude, carried my backpack. Yay! After walking around MoA for a bit, we went to Prism Plaza and just talked again and enjoyed the air.

Jhoanne and Bien, her bf, actually sent me off to my “foster family”, they are that nice! Manila confuses me and I get lost easily so it was nice of them to help me. 


LJ, my classmate in Ateneo, welcomed me with open arms and free dinner at their church. Yummmmmm! After that, we went to Power Plant Mall to meet up with her parents. While her parents were watching a movie, we went around and I bought red velvet cupcakes from Cupcakes by Sonja (I LOVE THEM). Then we had dinner in Jollibee. Haha! When her parents were done watching, we headed to Metropolitan Club, Inc. and ate cake. OMG. That delicious chocolate cake. Hnnnng. Then after that, we headed to their home where I capped off my first day back in Manila watching Drop Dead Diva with LJ. Hells yeas!


Mini Vacation: September 2014 - Manila

Ever since we, my family and I, discovered I had alopecia, my dad opened up the idea that I should travel once a month. Alopecia isn’t serious and it’s not fatal, it just looks scary. You get bald patches on your head. The doctor said that stress was a contributing factor but not the main cause. Till now, there isn’t a real cause found.

Anyway, since my dad opened up the idea, I planned it out and sooner or later, it happened. First on the list was Manila. Luckily enough, I have a friend who let me stay at her place over the weekend, which was how long I was staying (I know, it’s kind of bitinbut I’m taking what I can get), so yeah!

I left at Saturday, Sept. 20, in the morning. My parents and pretty much my friends were wondering if I was still going through with my plans with the storm happening and flooding going on in Manila. Hell, I’m pushing through with my plans.

It was an awesome weekend, short yet sweet and full of adventure. I’ll post a day by day account because if I put it all in one post, it would be too long, plus, I think there will be lots of pictures.

For now, let me show you my view when in the air, it is majestic as f*ck:

I think this is Mt. Apo. I cannot be sure but look how beautiful it is!

Okay, shall start on my day 1 in 3…2…1!

Four Months

I’ve been hiatus for that long in this tumblr. Wow. I have a valid reason! 

It’s been a challenging four months and it has been a humbling experience as well. Friendships were tested, I got stabbed in the back and in retaliation, I shut them out. Then, law school, the drama, stress and finally, the new law school.

I admit, I was hurt with how things went down and yes, I admit, I was bitter for a moment but then I decided that I would not let the disappointment get to me so I bounced back. I’m in a new school and so far, I’m doing well. Glory to God! He has been guiding my through this new environment and reminding me that this second chances should not be taken lightly!

I decided to go back to blogging since it’s where I can truly express myself. I don’t have to hide anything. 

Anyway, I’ll talk more about law school and probably set up some links to digests and other tips to help others. You know me and my lists and organization skills. OCD rocks! :D

“Skincare routine? And, any tips for acne?”

Oh wow., I was a bit shocked to find out asking me about my skincare routine. At this moment, it’s just the basic facial scrub from St. Ives and a toner from Olay. That is all. And I don’t wear make-up so my routine is just simple. For my body, I use a kojic soap and a lotion with aloe vera. :]

As for acne, avoid foods that cause acne. Also, stress and lack of sleep have been known to cause acne so don’t stress and sleep at least 8 hours a day. Clean your face every night when you wear make-up because (I know this happens and it’s one of the reasons why I’m not a fan of make-up, we tend to forget to clean our face or rather disregard it because it’s too time consuming and after a long day you just want to jump in your bed and sleep) it is ESSENTIAL to sleep with a clean face.

That’s what I have for now, hope it helps! Thanks for stopping by my tumblr! :]

08.09.140 NOTES Reblog
“Hey I made a movie blog! I was wondering if you could check it out I will be posting links so you can watch movies! You can also leave me requests and I can find the movies you are looking for! Check out my blog pretty please? :D”

I did! Cool blog! :]

08.09.140 NOTES Reblog
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